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Our condo, unit # 7, is a beautiful two bedroom unit located at Las Brisas del Mar Condominiums on Playa Venado, near Junquillal on the Nicoya Peninsula.  There are 18 units in a gated development, on titled property.  Las Brisas is located right on a beautiful beach with a view of the ocean and gorgeous sunsets

Our condo is located on ground level in the center of the condo development, offering us convenient access to our unit.  It is close to the caretaker’s home as well as to the pool and the beach.

The condo was built in 1997.  It is fully air conditioned.   There is a living room, dining area and kitchen.  The tap water is clean , clear and completely safe to drink.   There is a large master bedroom, with a walk-in closet, a large bathroom with two sinks, large tiled shower, a toilet and bidet.  There is a guest bedroom, with a bathroom and large tiled shower.  We have a laundry room with a washer and dryer.  The unit sleeps 4 comfortably.  There is also a twin bed in the master bedroom, which is great for squeezing in an additional person. 

Our lanai offers a beautiful view of the grounds, pool, and Playa Venado.  One can take beautiful morning walks to an estuary a short distance away.  The condo grounds are covered with beautiful landscaping.  The pool is located in the center of the grounds with areas for sunning or shade for reading and napping.  Birds of all kinds fly by and the howler monkeys stop by frequently to eat the leaves of a large tree just outside our main gate. 

 Our family has enjoyed the condo for 15 years and we have become a part of our small Junquillal community.  But, it is time to look for a new adventure.  At our time in life, with our 4 children, who now are in their thirties, and with our 6 wonderful grandchildren (so far), it is more difficult now to get them all down to Costa Rica as easily as we did when the children were in high school and college.  Our family has wonderful memories of the past 15 years when we would all be down enjoying the Costa Rican weather, food, and friendly people.  This is condo is a great opportunity for anyone, but if you have a young family and want to truly enjoy a tropical place to go and relax in a private, safe  environment, this is the ticket.  You could enjoy the same wonderful adventures that we have had-- in a truly tropical paradise.   Whenever we get together, for holidays or at the lake cabin, we always start reminiscing about our fun times at the condo.  This has truly been a unique and wonderful experience for our family!

We are only about an hour from the international airport near Liberia, where a beautiful new terminal just opened.  We also have a new beautiful road to travel on almost all the way to the condo.   There is a convenient super market a short distance from the condo, as well as many gourmet restaurants.  You might be interested to know that in our 15 years in Costa Rica, we have never had any issues with the food or the water.  The friendly Costa Rican people are very neat and clean.

 It’s an easy,  scenic drive to the rain forest, where you can enjoy zip lining, hiking, horseback riding, hot springs and lush tropical forests featuring all sorts of birds and animals.   You can take drives down the coast, stopping in at little resorts to watch the surfers, go snorkeling or just enjoy the sights.  The food served at these beach side spots is always delicious, especially if it is enjoyed with a local cerveza!  Golfing is available at Hacienda Pinilla a short drive up the beach.  Relaxing with a good book, or just watching the waves makes for perfect days in a beautiful location with an ideal climate.

We have a live-in caretaker that speaks excellent English, a gardener, maid service as well as a security service.  Our association holds meetings annually in February and has managed our condo in a very well organized manner.  If you really want to view Las Brisas from the sky, go to Google Earth and put in our latitude and longitude coordinates (10 degrees, 9 minutes, .39 seconds North,  and 85 degrees, 48 minutes, 24.29 seconds West) and you’ll be in our pool!  I do that whenever I want to “see” the condo or if I want to show our friends where we are located.

My brother has an identical condo two doors from mine.  We jointly own an Apex inflatable boat with a fiber glass v-hull with a 25 h.p. motor along with a dolly for transporting it to and from the beach in front of the condo (see photos here).  This boat would be for sale for $6,000.00.  We have caught many fish over the years just off shore in front of the condo.  We have friends down the beach with a similar boat and sometimes go out together for a morning of fishing.

The condo is registered as a Costa Rican corporation and the transfer of this entity to a new owner is very easy and inexpensive. 

If you have an interest in purchasing this condo or have any questions, please call or email me.


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